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The first step to having perfect and soft hair is to use a good hairdryer

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The first step to having perfect and soft hair is to use a good hairdryer. What are the best hair dryers of recent years? The site collects and compares all the best hairdryer models of the largest manufacturers on the Italian and foreign market. Hairdressers are well aware of the importance of a good hairdryer because its performance not only affects the success of the crease, but also determines the drying time, the brightness of the hair, its hydration and electrostaticity. In addition, a good hairdryer has a very low weight: it must be light to avoid efforts to the hand that holds it. Doing the crease must be a pleasant time and the hair dryer is the tool that can help us in this. It is also good to be careful of the consumption of dryers available on the market: often those bought at the supermarket or in large shopping malls are electromeistic in class B, which means high consumption and, at home, the need to always use them in class B isolated, that is, not at the same time with other household appliances. In Salon, for the hairdresser, the low consumption also has a big impact on the monthly electricity costs.

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